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Are you receiving payments from a structured settlement, personal injury award, insurance annuity, lottery winnings or royalty? Expecting monies for inheritance or viatical settlement? And need cash now? Find a buyer for your structured settlement. You can sell your structured settlements, pension, retirement or other annuity.

Structured Settlements: future income funding

Structured settlements are a method of compensating injury victims. A structured settlement is a voluntary agreement reached between two parties, typically a plaintiff and a defendant, under which the injured person is compensated for damages in the form of a stream of periodic cash payments purchased for the plaintiff on behalf of the defendant. Structured Settlements are a completely voluntary agreement between the injury victim and the defendant.

Facilitating the sale of business notes and future income streams.
Sovereign Funding Group can arrange virtually any type of financial request including the sale of business notes, invoice factoring, and mortgage refinancing. ... cash now from the the following future income sources: Business notes. Advanced funding of receivables (factoring ... we can help you sell future income streams like business notes for ...

Immediate Cash For Future Income
Sell your future income stream to UFS and receive cash TODAY. Free quotes and NO obligation ... Your One Stop Funding Professionals. WANT YOUR FUTURE BUSINESS OR PERSONAL PAYMENTS NOW? ... DONíT HAVE AN INCOME STREAM TO SELL? ...

CASH TODAY for your Future Income Streams.
Eagle Cliff Capital Resources is here to help you get CASH TODAY for future income streams.We work with hundreds of funding sources and our requirements for converting your notes and receivables ... Private Mortgages Notes. Receivables Funding. Farm and Conservation Reserve Payments ...

CKP Funding Cash Flow Solutions For Business
... Do You Have Future Income Due From Government. Using Future Income From Insurance and Trusts for Cash. Or If You Prefer More Conventional Sources of Funding ... Site Directory
... for structured settlement Turn your future income streams like lottery winnings or ... lottery winnings Sovereign Funding Group can turn your future income streams like lottery ...
Funding Sources. Specialized Funding Sources. Funding sources are typically specialized for only one or several types of cash flow transactions. ... some risk of nonpayment of a future income stream. Funding sources expend significant time, energy and resources assessing the risk of a future income stream before entering into a ...

CPK Funding Cash Flow Solutions For Business
CKP Funding is proud to be a member of the following organizations. Cash is King. Get it.....Use it.....Without Debt...In Many Cases. CKP Funding can help you get cash now from many types of future income streams.

We pay cash now for future income streams supplies money for business through factoring of invoices and offering capital for lease and leaseback. We also finance or lease trucks, cars, equipment, airplanes, business notes, and ... obtain no-debt funding immediately to increase ... funding for your company in numerous additional ways. We can give you CASH for: current income stream (money due you in the future ...

Mainland Funding
What Is An Income Stream? An income stream is income that you will receive in the future. This can be a court judgement or settlement, gambling or lottery winnings, a commercial lease, private mortgage, Accounts Receivable and more. ... alike have many reasons why they would sell future income such as putting an addition on a home ...

NodeWorks Directory - Business: Financial Services: Cash Flow
... in the secondary market. An income stream can be any future payment including real estate notes ... potential of their future income streams. 62. Sunset Funding - Buys real estate ...


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